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Company profile

 Shandong Xiangtong Rubber Group Co.,Ltd ,which was founded on May 6th,2003, is one of the leading companies in China specializing in manufacturing different kinds of conveyor belts and relevant products. The company is located in Tongji Road, High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Jining City, Shandong, with registered capital of 100million RMB.

 Xiangtong Group has three subsidiaries: Shandong Xiangtong Rubber Conveyor Belt Co.,Ltd, Jining Xiangtong Fabric Co.,Ltd, Jining Xiangtong Industrial and Trade Co.,Ltd. Xiangtong owns two morden industry zones which cover 460 ares and the workshops are over 168,000 sqms.
 Xiangtong has the most advanced lines and equipments in China. There are 8 Steel cord conveyor belt lines whose widths are 1.4m,1.8m,2.2m,2.6m, 4 EP/NN conveyor belt lines, 8 FRAS PVC, PVG conveyor belt lines for underground coal mines whose widths are from 1.2-1.6m.There are 40 twisters and Solid Woven Carcass looms. With 360 million RMB of fixed assets, our group is One of the large-scale specialized enterprise in China's Conveyor belt production industry .

 With advanced equipments, specialized managing team, first class technology and skill, Xiangtong Group has been a very competitive enterprise in China’s conveyor belt field and is called as a dark horse by the old and new customers. We all have determination, confidence and ability to produce superior Xiangtong brand conveyor belt with first class technology, first class service and first class reputation.
 Famous brand comes from excellent quality, promising market comes from good reputation. Xiangtong Group have got the old and new customers’ supporting and the social identity. Xiangtong Brand was awarded as “Shandgong Famous Brand” in 2010 and got the honor of “China Excellent Brand” in 2008. in 2010, Xiangtong Group was awarded as “Shandong 8th consumer satisfactory company”, in 2011, Xiangtong was awarded as “Ten Strongest Companes of conveyor belt during 2009 and 2010”. Now, Xiangtong brand conveyor belt has stood stably in China and is marching to the world.

Add:NO2,Tongji Road,High tech Zone, Jining City, Shandong,China   Tel:+86-537-2900111   Fax:+86-537-537-2900111     Email:[email protected]

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